Olam International initiated the GSEZ general cargo terminal project in 2012. The purpose was to offer comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for all industrials wishing to export or import their production to and from Gabon. The terminal is also a major asset for Olam palm oil and rubber activities in Gabon and Africa.The brand new harbor facility has been so far a powerful key-drive for investors willing to start production in the Gabon Special Economic Zone of Nkok. From sourcing to exports, GSEZ is now offering them end-to-end solutions to make their business successful in Gabon.

Exhaustive pre-operation surveys took about two years, including information of nearby villages and suburbs . Dredging, resolution and construction facilities were completed in a record-breaking time of 18 months with 6 hectares earned on the sea. In the industry, average time to build a facility of this kind, from scratch to operations, is 5 years. The New Owendo International Port was built in less than three years.