Corporate Social Responsibility

In our terminal, the CR&S effort is to create sustainability, commitment and transparency.

This is driving further industrial growth in the region. The purpose of CR&S is to oversee that this is developed in a manner that is sustainable, balanced and provides long term benefit to the local community and to the country.

This development must work to the following core criteria:

  • To stimulate infrastructure growth of the country, especially, developing the area into an economically lively zone.
  • To develop the port area with world class facility water & power supply facilities.
  • To enrich people's life in the area/periphery in every possible way.
  • Support communication and interaction.
  • Support job creation and employment.
  • Protection of the environment and the people at the port.
  • Support environment, health and safety.
  • Support local businesses.
  • Support local sport and recreation.
  • Support local tradition and culture.