Our Services

Shipping agency

We offer in-house premier shipping services. It helps you in preparing the vessel stopover, assists you for paperwork with maximum efficiency.

Plus we are certified for the below :

Authorized for Vessel Consignment – Vessel Agency

Authorized for Handling operations

Authorized for Customs Clearance

Authorized for Maritime and river Transport

Authorized for Lifting operations

Authorized for Shipper and Freighter

Authorized for Towing operations

Authorized for Victualling or Supply operations as ShipChandler

Authorized for Lamanage or mooring, dropping, hauling operations

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We have our own logistic facilities with barges, rail and road services (80 trucks). 250 dedicated people are working 24/7, providing uninterrupted logistics service all across Gabon.


Trucks 82

Trailers 247

Semi Trailers 200

Low beds 15

Car Carriers 2

Tanker Trailers 20

Forklifts 04

Loader 02

Dump Trucks 10

Reach Stakers 04

Empty Handlers 04

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Customs brokerage

Our cargo terminal is a licensed customhouse broker providing seamless clearing services in Gabon. Services include customs clearance, compliance with import / export regulations, and a comprehensive multi-modal point-to-point service.

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End to end shipping service

We offer end - to - end shipping Services under one umbrella:

Port operation for Import

Export of bulk cargo and general cargo.

Shipping Agency Service.

Transportation/ logistics service.

Customs brokerage (Custom House Agent) Service.

Port tariff

Soon available

Single window clearance authority

We offer a one-stop administration that includes tax, customs or immigration. Major government agencies and departments will be represented "under one roof" to expedite government approvals and help efficient quick-off activities for our customers settling.The single window clearance authority makes smoother and faster all administrative procedures.

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