Sustainability : ThePort conducts terminal operations in accordance with generally accepted sustainable practices consistent with the public trust and applicable regulations.

Safety : GSEZ General cargo terminalis committed to provide a healthy and safe workplace for our employees, contractors and visitors.

Our vision of embedding a ‘zero harm culture’ is delivered through safety leadership.

Our Goal :
  • Deliver a world-class safety program across all our facilities with workplace risk management as a core capability.

To achieve these goals, we will:
  • Promote consultation between management, employees, contractors and interested parties on matters affecting safety and health in the workplace.
  • Form facility safety committees chaired by the facility manager to identify, assess and eliminate risk or implement risk mitigation actions based on risk prioritization.
  • Establish measurable health and safety goals and targets supported by processes to accurately measure, trend and report our progress.

For the management and implementation of all policies, we will:
  • Conduct our business with integrity and in compliance with the relevant laws of the countries in which we operate and in accordance with recognized international and national standards, guidelines and processes.
  • Require all levels of GSEZ international portmanagement to be accountable for applying the policy in their business decisions.
  • Ensure that all our employees, business partners, contractors, suppliers and visitors understand this policy and their own responsibilities and accountabilities and receive appropriate training and support for success.
  • Establish strategies and management systems to create and prioritize measureable objectives and execute improvement plans that are aligned with our business goals and address our significant risks, impacts and opportunities.
  • Communicate and publically report meaningful and accurate information regarding our performance to demonstrate continual progress towards commitments made in our policies.
  • Regularly review this policy for business alignment including key stakeholder expectations.